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Unschooling rejects school as an institution, as well as the associated behavior and attitudes, and the educational principles and subject matter that go hand in hand with school. Unschooling is more a mentality than a method, applying to the whole family - it is a way of life!

To discuss unschooling in more detail, or to meet like-minded people, join the Homeschooling Email List at Topica, or join the Homeschooling Group at eGroups!

The Unschooling List at Topica allows you to contribute to the many opinions, to find like-minded people or just to post or find some interesting activities, events, websites, books, and other things related to unschooling! You can post and read messages on the web only, or you can use email only - receive new messages by email or send a message to and you message will be received by everyone on the list!

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Further great places are WHEN at MSN, the Unschooling group at MSN and the Home-schooling group at Yahoo! You are welcome to join all of them, and to post messages to introduce yourself, ask questions, give comments, announce interesting events or mention unschoolers websites!

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