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Quintessence uses the Internet a lot for promotions and publications. Putting information on webpages and using online groups and mailing lists to keep people who are interested up to date, that can often be done for a fraction of the time and cost involved in physically mailing information. Quintessence is behind much of the WEBdesign for the Optionality Network - for some technical tips, see the pages on webdesign, promotion and search engines.

Quintessence acts as an agent for artists, including DonParagon, Panta Rei and Axana, organizing and promoting performances, presentations, workshops, dance acts, guest appearances, etc. At such events, associated recordings, flyers and other publications can be distributed. Networking and cross-promotion are important benefits when such activities are combined. An important part of promotional work is maintaining details of contact persons, events, groups and mailing addresses, for correspondence and updates.

Quintessence has over the years distributed many newsletters, magazines, papers and policy documents, e.g. on the topic of homeschooling on behalf of WHEN, the World Home Education Network. Optionality Magazine was distributed by Quintessence monthly from January 1991 to end 1998 as a paper-based magazine. It transformed into an online newsletter and eventually spread out over various online groups, lists and websites. Many of Optionality Magazine's articles and poems can still be read on the web. Start-ups such as PageTV like to benefit from the shared utilities of the Optionality Network.

Another example is Libertaria. From the mid 1990s, Quintessence has done a lot to promote the concept of a future world where everyone is free and where everything is free, a world with many similarities to DonParagon's Improvisation Time. Designing custom icons and setting up groups, forums, clubs and lists can help with such promotions; have a look at:
Libertaria at Yahoo!
Libertaria club at Lycos
Libertaria list at Topica
Libertaria at MSN
Libertaria at Smartgroups
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Quintessence also takes an interest in policy analysis and development. In its policy work, Quintessence typically uses the comparative analysis method. In this method, objects are comparatively analysed from a pre-defined perspective. A broad range of objects can be compared with each other in such an analysis, which can cover ideology, philosophy, politics, marketing strategy, electoral campaigns, company policy, historical developments, cultural trend analysis or future scenarios - in theory, any objects can be taken for in-depth analysis that can reasonably be compared with each other. Such an analysis is typically concluded with a report describing how the objects compare and what can be expected for the future. Importantly, Quintessence typically takes the perspective of optionality, as described in DonParagon's Vision of the Future as reference model.

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