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Give them a hug each day!

Give your kids a hug each day!
That doesn't seem much, you may say?
You rather go on a holiday?
Or give them presents, on Boxing Day?

Whatever you do, whatever you say,
how much you give, how much you play,
at the top of the list should always stay
to hug your children, every day!

Whether they're big, whether they're small,
whether they're short or whether they're tall,
once they've grown up, they'll recall
that what they loved, most of all . . .

wasn't the chocolate, or TV,
or playing outside, climbing the tree,
it wasn't the icecream, after tea,
or to go for a swim, in the sea . . .

It wasn't that fancy holiday,
or things for which you had to pay,
like pizzas from the take-away,
or the presents they got, on Boxing Day.

It wasn't the games they used to play,
but something you gave, every day . . .
If given a choice, they will say:
"Give me a hug each day!"

[ by Marion, homeschooling mother of two.
Posted Jul 28, 1999 at Poems at Topica
and on Sep 13, 2000 at Poetry at Smartgroups
Featured at Poems at the Optionality Network ]

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