What is Optionality?

There are different ways in which optionality is interpreted and expressed.
As an example, the logo below presents Optionality as "the key to better Worlds".

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Under the theme What is Optionality? the following articles have appeared in Optionality Magazine:
Interpretations of Optionality
What is Optionality? (A)
Optionality in Practice
From the Perspective of Optionality
That's Optionality
What is Optionality? (B)

 [ Right-left versus right-wrong ]
Optionality is not positioned on the left-right political spectrum,
as discussed in the article When both left and right are wrong

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DonParagon has made many songs about optionality. Links to some songlyrics follow below:
Choose for Optionality
For the Sake of Optionality
I'd gladly give a Million for a Song
I've traveled the World for Optionality
Let's hear it for Optionality
Optionality (A)
Optionality (B)
Optionality (C)
Optionality in Destiny
Optionality shows the ways
Optionality will stand by you
Silver Cloud
That's Optionality!
The Word is Optionality (A)
The Word is Optionality (B)
This is Optionality
We believe in Optionality (A)
Why should I be lonely?
You will see Optionality (A)

What do we want?
Optionality is what we want (A)
Optionality, that is what we want (A) & (B)
We want Optionality (B)
What we want is Optionality (A)
What we want is Optionality (B)
What we want is Optionality (C)
What we want is Optionality (D), (E), (F) & (G)

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