Optionality now!

Government is
a vulture culture,
a horrific system,
a torture of the mind,
out to break your will
and reshape you into the mould
of a mindless servant and slave.

Government is
a grand delusion,
trying to suck you into a web of deceit,
trying to suck the sense out of your brain
and replace it with nonsense,
evil lusts and irrational fears.

Government is
out to break you too,
to enslave you too,
and to claim ownership over
your body, your mind, your identity,
your family, the produce of your work,
your dignity, your ideals and your dreams,
so that everything you once stood for will be destroyed.

Government is
planning to break you too,
remake you too,
so that you too
will betray yourself,
your loved-ones
and everything you once believed in.

Government is
an evil system,
designed to spread hate and fear,
preaching that, to get what you want,
you must threaten, impose, harass, intrude and
terrorize people into submission,
then violate any agreement, betray their trust,
lie cheat, defraud and steal,
in order to totally exploit them,
dictate, use, coerce and even worse,
overpower them, vandalize, abuse, nationalize,
pillage, plunder, brutalize and kill,
to finally annihilate them, destroy their legacy
and write them out of the history books.

Government is
all of the above and more of the same,
planning to take over your brain.
So, you better get yourself together
and say with me:
"Stop, that's not for me!"
"There is a better world that I can see!"
"To all the problems there is a key,
allowing people to be free!"
"Optionality now!"
"Optionality now!"
"Optionality now!"

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