Optionality will stand by you

So many things pretend
to treat you like a friend
who will stand by you;
but in the end
you cannot depend
on anything that wants to stupefy you,
on anything that wants to nullify you.

So, listen to me,
please listen to me;
is there anything that you will stand by?
Just listen to me,
please listen to me;
Is there anything that will stand by you?

Once you've heard the word,
optionality will always be cherished by you;
as you know,
where-ever you will go,
optionality will always stand by you,
in every thought or movement made by you.

Yes, every-where you go,
you'll be sure to know
that optionality will be there,
standing by you;
what-ever you may do,
optionality is part of you;
optionality will always be made by you
in things that you create or are paid by you.

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