Contempt of Court

I've been in this prison for as long as I know;
the Judge wants more details and he won't let me go;
they won't let me near a mailbox or phone;
still some call this prison a home.

Yes, I am in prison for Contempt of Court;
they think I'm a witness, but I wasn't aboard;
the Judge said he wanted my address and name,
but I don't have a home and I don't have much fame . . .

Day by day and night by night, I'm more convinced I'm right;
but night by night and day by day, my life is ticking away;
don't you see, what they do to me, they can do to you;
can't you see, just like me, they can give you misery;
day by day and night by night, we lose another right.

Yes, my life was sweet outside;
yet this man he claims the right
to take my life away,
take it away from me;
now I have no home;
they took it away from me
they took my name and home away from me . . .

They force me to work
and they force me to pray;
they force me to swear
to a Queen far away;
but if it's me that you really want to know,
just call me the man who said no! Yeah that's right!
just call me the man who said no! Yes, someone's got to do it!
So just call me the man who said no!

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