We believe in Optionality (B)

The lyrics of We believe in Optionality (B) are identical to We believe in Optionality (C), except that (C) has the part Optionality (four times) added. The lyrics are also similar to We believe in Optionality (A) that was published in the March 1995 issue of Optionality. The lyrics give the big picture, discussing differences between concepts and describing more closely what it means to believe in optionality. The music was composed many years earlier.

We don't say God is in the Sky;
We don't say that there is a Heaven;
We don't say Yin and then say Yang;
We believe in Optionality.

We don't believe in Laws of Nature;
We don't think Science has the Answers;
We don't believe in any Order;
We prefer Optionality.

We don't want any hierarchy;
We don't want a Monopoly;
But if you want Ideology;
We prefer Optionality.

We say Creativity
brings about Prosperity;
will transform Society.

When we are asked if we Agree,
(and) can Improvise in what we do
and Participate in what we want,
then we know it's Improvisation Time

We don't want any Written Law;
We don't want any Authority;
We don't want to do what we don't want;
We rather have Optionality.

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