Optionality (A)

Optionality (A) was the first song that appeared in the magazine Optionality (in the March 1991 issue) and it was planned that the song would be used in a campaign to promote the magazine. Although the composition was old, the lyrics were written at the launch of the magazine, but the idea for expensive promotion was abandoned; instead, the song was to become the title song of the first of Don's albums distributed by Quintessence.

If you want to know the answers
to questions in your mind,
all that is important,
read it in (your) Optionality.

You can get a subscription
or buy them one by one;
and if you ask politely
we might even give you one.

We will give the answers;
we will tell no lies;
something to live and die for,
read it in Optionality;
find it in your Optionality;
we believe in Optionality.

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