"Let's go to the City"

From Africa to Europe,
in America
and every where in Australia,
people are leaving farms.

Every where in Asia
small towns are going down,
people are leaving the country-side,
they want to go downtown.

They want to go to the city,
where life is so fine;
where the shops are so pretty;
where they can wine and dine.

"Come on to the city,
where the street-lights shine".
They all come for the city life,
to have a "real good time".

As people leave the country
- you've got to understand -
it is less important
to claim a lot of land.

And what is less important
is the Government;
becoming less territorial,
means less imprisonment.

"So, let's go to the city,
which will make us free;
let's find a place in the suburbs,
a place for you and me."

"Come on to the city,
the city of our choice,
let's choose for the city life,
that gives us a voice."

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