Sell me no Rainbows

Some things that we buy
are based on a lie;
they're nothing but rainbows,
they're nothing but wind.

What governments claim,
all in our name,
is backed up by rainbows,
by nothing but wind.

Some things have been sold
like the old pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow,
where there's nothing but wind.

There will be a day
when the wind blows away
and we'll see that the rainbows
never were theirs.

That will be the day
when the wind blows away
and we say: "Don't sell me no rainbows,
sell me no wind!"

Yes, to own any rainbow
sounds pretty absurd,
but throughout the world
the same thing can be heard;
they tax us for rainbows,
they're selling us wind.

There will be a day
when the lies fade away;
you'll buy no more rainbows
or claim they are yours.

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