Harmony and melody
they were my best companions,
but then came optionality
to put it all in symphony;
how could I be so confused,
not to know the answer
could be given in one word
explaining every mystery.

So if you ever wonder why
the truth is better than a lie,
you know optionality
is better in reality.

So if there's any question left
and you don't know the answer,
just read Optionality
and you'll know just what to do.

Harmony and melody
they're still my best companions,
but now there's Optionality
to bring it all in symphony;
so if you know people who're a bit confused,
just let them listen to the rhythm of the bouncing blues,
as long as you mention just the word
that's better than what they've ever heard;

and if somebody starts to wonder why
the truth is so much better than a lousy lie,
than you know that optionality
has the best view on reality.

My dear Optionality,
the one with all the answers,
there's no single vision
that's as beautiful as you.

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