Competition still is a secret word,
a revolution of which just a few have heard;
yet Competition has always been around,
without much credit for the progress that it founds.

Competition in communication
and competition in medication,
Competition in education,
yes, competition all around.

A new wave is ready for the world;
Competition will be rallying the world,
getting stronger at each and every count;
Competition will turn the world around.

Competition in protection,
Competition in every section,
Competition instead of election
and Competition for us all

means evolution of out existence;
the road to progress is sometimes hard to find;
but Competition will make decisions
no single person could ever make.

But all too often, Competition is a fight
with just one winner, as if monopolies are right;
thus Competition can stop plurality
by selecting a single entity;

and Competition becomes selection
and Competition will let the winner take it all;
in competition with Competition
Optionality becomes the preferred choice.

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