John Doolan's Wisdom

After an apparent moment of inner reflection, the teacher turned to the children with renewed zeal, promulgating more textbook content than ever before.

When disbelief stared him into the eyes, he became unpatient, unleashing his sarcasm with staccato rapidity: "Is the class permitted to share the thoughts of John Doolan?"

John hesitated, limbing between the inevitable humiliation that followed when he hid his thoughts as usual and speaking out on the other hand. Then, unmoved, John repeated the words precisely as they had lined up in his mind, his voice sounding decisively loud:
"Is it because teachers cannot convince themselves, that they seek others to accept their wisdom?"

A tense silence followed, only to end when the ringing of the bell penetrated the air. Saved by the bell, Billy smiled. The teacher remained seated, frozen, as if a large piece of his body had been ripped out of his chest and had moved up his throat. Then, an uneasy nervousness overtook Billy, as he stuttered: "Goodness, John, I think you killed him . . ."

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From the series: 'Tales to be told to the children'

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