Homeschooling has been widely discussed in many articles.

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Links to relevant articles follow below, while links to songlyrics follow further down:
A Queensland Home-Education Organization?
What is WHEN?
WHEN, the World Home Education Network
Why Homeschool? (by Drs. Ben J. Mettes)
Integrated Learning
Learning by Choice
Integrated Learning - the forbidden Alternative
Homeschooling in Queensland
Break the Chain
About Educational Methods
Funding of Schools
The Literacy Debate

 WHEN, the World Home Education Network

 Integrated Learning
Integrated Learning
 [ Break the chain! ]
Break the chain!

For some time, Quintessence has also issued papers specifically on homeschooling, as well as newsletters of THEN, the Third Home Education Network. These THEN-newsletters contained, among other things, News on Education and several more articles in the series "Why Homeschool?" THEN continued as WHEN (the World Home Education Network) from 1997.

DonParagon has made many songs that relate to homeschooling. Links to some lyrics follow below:
Break the Chain
No More Broken Spirits!
Improvisation Time (A) & (B)
When it is Improvisation Time
Good night, sleep tight
Raising our Children our Way
Why do kids have to go to school?
Schools create Fools

 [ Virtuality ]
QUESTION: The student is late, but seems unable to enter the school - why?
ANSWER: Unable to read, the boy mistakenly believes he needs to push (rather than pull) the door.

The above cartoon is part of a series called: Tales to be told to the children.
Also part of this series is: John Doolan's Wisdom

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