Liberty (B)

The text of Liberty (B) is virtually identical to the text of Liberty (A), that was published in the October 1992 issue of Optionality; however, the music differs substantially; Liberty (B) appeared in the December 1995 issue of Optionality, in which the question was again raised whether a quest for freedom can provide a definitive answer to the problem of government.

who'd ask for more?
Could there be something better,
you haven't heard of before?

Freedom's weakness is
its emptiness;
once you've lost what worries you,
life can still be a mess.

Oh, fight
for your Liberty,
when the walls of your prison
are all you can see;

once those walls, though,
have become history,
do you need a new prison
to keep yourself free?

So, what can we do
to break this ring?
We need a wider vision
than Liberty can ever bring.

To know what to do
cannot depend
on what you don't want to be doing,
that's what you've got to understand.

Oh, abide
by Optionality;
look beyond your prison,
there's so much to see;

Freedom is there,
if we want it to be,
but we don't need a prison
to set ourselves free.

So, fight
for your Liberty,
bring down your prison
for all to see;

(and) when you've won,
don't build a new prison
to keep yourself free!

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