Let it be Christmas all year long

At Christmas down under
it is summertime.
Some say that it's odd,
that it is the wrong time.

So, why not have Christmas
more than once a year;
perhaps some of those problems
(then) would not be here.

Christmas in June,
would it be so wrong?
One Christmas for the old
and one for the young.

Let it be Christmas,
at least in a song,
not just in the summer,
but all year long.

If people could choose
when they wanted a break,
they would be more happy,
without having to fake.

If they could have Christmas
anytime in the year,
(then) some of their problems
would not appear.

So, let us be singing
Christmas songs
not just in December,
but in any month.

Let us be singing,
at least in a song,
that it can be Christmas
all year long.

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