Optionality is just a thought away

Who doesn't remember
the Berlin Wall?
When it finally crumbled,
it wasn't much at all.
But for those it captured
it was hard to say
that beyond that wall was freedom,
that freedom was just miles away.

For most people in Berlin
it came as a big surprise;
when the Wall came tumbling down,
they could hardly believe their eyes.
When they were held captive,
few dared to say
that one day there would be freedom,
even when freedom was just days away.

Isn't it amazing
how many people look up to government;
that it is about to crumble,
few seem to understand.
It keeps all of us captive
and few dare to say
that freedom is what we want,
that optionality is what we want,
yes, optionality is what we want,
even though it is just a thought away,
freedom, real freedom is just thoughts away,
optionality is just a thought away.

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