If you have Ears

The lyrics of 'If you have Ears' were first published in the April 1991 issue of Optionality. It took Don some three years to complete the song, from the first ideas back in the late 1980s.

I see no reason why we need any kind of government
to rule us; so why don't we ban them all to history
and live our lives in freedom,
freedom from crying,

crying out
for mercy
from a system
that makes no exception to its rules

of force and dictatorship;
yes, or haven't you experienced this yet?
then you better take a close look now
at why we are crying.

If you have ears,
why don't you listen?
If you've got eyes,
why don't you see what is going on

in each and every country in the world
where a government is ruling society claiming to represent
the people? Yes, they call it democracy;
but have you seen the people crying?

If you have a heart,
why don't you feel it?
If you have a voice,
why don't you speak out against the tyranny

of all the governments in the world that use their
vast wealth and power to stop anyone from telling the
truth and keep you from understanding
why we are crying.

If you have ears,
why don't you listen?
If you have eyes,
why don't you take a look all around you?

So when you're in bed tonight
and think about wrong and right,
you may remember these words
and find yourself crying,

because if you have ears,
you will listen;
and if you have eyes,
you will see that the world will be

better off
if we can give
it more

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