Vision of the Future

Voluntary Initiatives and Agreements (VIA)
~ focus on the road, not the destination! ~


Many have tried to envisage a world in which all initiatives are made on a voluntary basis, and all relationships and arrangements are agreement-based. In many cases, ideological disputes have stopped people constructively working together. All too often, people seek a blueprint mapping out the road ahead, complete with a detailed description of the end-destination. The problem is that, as long as we only keep talking about such details, we will not make much progress - we may not even make a start.

VIA proposes to stop arguing about questions such as whether there will eventually be any government, rules, property, nations or not. Instead, let's just make a start improving relations between people. Let's focus on the road, i.e. on initiatives and arrangements, rather than on details of the end-destination.

Perhaps we'll never reach an end-destination, perhaps it's a work that's continuously in progress. Perhaps things will never be perfect, perhaps we can always make improvements.

VIA does not even make statements about the latter question. Let's stop arguing about all that. Let's just focus on what we do and what kind of relationships we have with others. Let's support voluntary initiatives and seek agreement-based relationships!

VIA - let's walk the road!

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