Here are some great groups and mailing lists! Feel invited to join any or all of them! You can read and post messages by email - or on the web, if you don't like to receive emails.


Genealogy - at Topica
Genealogy Club - at Yahoo!
Ancestry - at Yahoo!
Ancestry - at Smartgroups
Surnames - at MSN

Recipes - at Topica
Recipes - at MSN
Recipes - at Smartgroups
Cooking - at Smartgroups

Artshop - at Yahoo!
ArtShop - at Topica
Arts Group - at Smartgroups

Painting - at Smartgroups

Photos - at Topica
Photography - at Yahoo!
Pictures - at Yahoo!
PicturePoems - at Yahoo!

Quilting - at Smartgroups
Quilting - at Topica
Quilting Club - at Yahoo!

Crocheting Club - at Yahoo!
Crocheting - at Topica
Crocheting - at Smartgroups

Ceramics - at Topica
Ceramics - at Smartgroups
Pottery - at MSN
Pottery Ring - at Yahoo!

For more groups, clubs and mailing lists in related areas, check out the links below:
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