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Vision of the Future

If you have Ears
Heart of Gold
One Day you will discover
The Post-Government Era
The new Beginning
Home is where we want it to be
Let's go to the City
Optionality is growing
The Rise & Fall of the Government
Together Strong
More Optionality
Optionality is just a thought away
The World is changing
Vision of the Future
Break the Chain


Hold on to your Dream
Improvisation (A)
No More Broken Spirits!
We want Optionality (A)
Think about Music
Improvisation Time (A) & (B)
When it is Improvisation Time
We believe in Optionality (B)
We believe in Optionality (C)


Good night, sleep tight
Raising our Children our Way
Why do kids have to go to school?
Schools create Fools


Optionality (A)
Why should I be lonely?
For the Sake of Optionality
Silver Cloud
The Word is Optionality (A)
Choose for Optionality
Let's hear it for Optionality
The Word is Optionality (B)
Optionality will stand by you
We believe in Optionality (A)
I've traveled the World for Optionality
Optionality in Destiny
Optionality shows the ways
Optionality (B)
I'd gladly give a Million for a Song
That's Optionality!
Optionality (C)
You will see Optionality (A)

What do we want?

What we want is Optionality (A)
What we want is Optionality (B)
What we want is Optionality (C)
We want Optionality (B)
Optionality is what we want (A)
Optionality, that is what we want (A) & (B)
What we want is Optionality (D), (E), (F) & (G)


Freedom in America
Liberty (A)
Optionality will set us free
Freedom comes and goes
Liberty (B)

The Law

Contempt of Court
Citizen of the World
I'm flying Compass
Sell me no Rainbows
It breaks my Heart
When People become Dogs
When Optionality calls
Access Restricted
Optionality now!
Let it be Christmas all year long

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