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The Concerts List

The Concerts List is operated by Quintessence and powered by Topica. To find out details of upcoming concerts, simply go to the Concerts List - from there, you can click on "read this list" to view recently posted details of concerts. Once you have subscribed, you may submit details of upcoming concerts by email.

If you post details of concerts, mention the name of the city where the concert will be held in the subject box. This will make it easy to sort and select the events that people are interested in, while discarding others.

- on the WEB -

For reading and posting on the web, you must also sign up at Topica. If you haven't already done so, you can both sign up and subscribe to the Concerts List by clicking on the link below:
Join Concerts

Lists that you have already subscribed to by email will automatically show up on the WEB-interface.

From then on, you can logon to Topica anytime and select 'Events' to view all new and earlier posts on the web.

You can also choose to read your messages on the web only. With this option, messages from the list will not be delivered to your email address. All you need to do is logon to Topica, click on 'my lists' and then under delivery method of 'Events' choose 'Web Only'.



Receive and Post Messages

- by email -

To receive or send new posts by email, you must first subscribe to the Concerts List. To subscribe, fill in your email below and then click on the 'join' button:
 Join the Concerts List!
Or, send an empty email to:

You can also click on the link below:
Clicking on above link will open your email program. Just click on 'send' and you will receive a confirmation message, to which you must reply (i.e. you read that message, then you click on the 'reply' button of your email program and when the reply comes up, you click on the 'send' button).

Once you are a subscriber, you will receive all new posts at your email address. You will be able to post details of upcoming events to the Events List by sending a message to:

Your message will then be received by everyone on the list! Make sure you mention the city where the concert will be held as the first word in the subject box, followed by other details, such as the date of the concert, the performing artists, bands, etc.

If you want to reply to a post, just click on the 'reply' button, add your reply and click on 'send'. If you like to reply to a message that you have received from the list, be aware that your message will be sent to everyone on the list. If you want to send a private reply to one specific poster, make sure that the email address of that person is the only address in the "send to" box!

- Unsubscribe -

If you ever want to leave the list, you can do so on the web or by sending an empty email to:

Alternatively, you can click on the link below:
Clicking on above link will open your email program. Just click on 'send' and you will again receive a confirmation message, to which you must reply.


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